You Need Pesticide In Farming, Deal With IT!

So I’ve been reading a lot about pesticide-free farming, and while that is possible and somewhat more appealing to the consumer, the problem becomes more evident when it comes to large-scale farming. Yes, you can farm without pesticide, but most of the time that would be a small scale farm which would be from about the size of a small vegetable garden in your backyard to maybe something of a very small farm.  You see, when it comes to large-scale farming, we neither have the manpower to look at each plant individually and clean and pull-out weeds and diseased plants, which what you can do if your farm is small enough.

You don’t have to worry about though, as Pest Control Company Chesapeake are in fact professionals and follow a strict guideline given by the government. They don’t just spray deadly chemicals randomly and choose whatever is the cheapest, all of their products and studied and formulated for effectiveness and reduced environmental impact. My friend John recently sold his bail bonds practice and moved from Bakersfield to NJ to start a pest control company, he practices only green pest control, and the clients love him.

If we don’t use companies like these, we will have reduced yields due to loss from pests, fungus, and weeds. That would cripple the already stressed out farming industry, not to mention the food supply. Maybe if everyone grew their food in their garden they could have that pesticide free veggies they sought for; unfortunately, not everyone can do this.

Don’t get me started on “Organic” pesticide, they cause as much environmental impact, or even more than the conventional stuff we use. Pesticides are here to stay in farming for now; we just can’t function well without it at the moment. So deal with it!