Urban Farms and Our Need For it

I found that the only true way to sustain yourself is by growing your own food, unfortunately we don’t all have farms or even yards to convert into small gardens. With stuff like droughts and financial instability going around in the news lately it became apparent that there might be a time when food is so scarce that people wouldn’t exchange it with money. Of course that is an extreme situation that might never happen, but being prepared is way better. I then found that many people living in the city started to make small farms on rooftops and similar places, urban farming has become some sort of fad to people like health fanatics and vegans. They’re not really trying to solve food problems or anything of the like, but it seems to me that their little hobby seems to be a very good solution to problems like self-sustainability.

Personally I have had a lot of lean times in my life, the whole lack of food has been a problem that I have faced. Urban farming may be a good way to help those in need and feed them, what I propose is for local governments to let citizens and volunteer use unused city properties and portions of parks to start a small farming community, people tend to the community’s urban farm, and when it’s time to harvest people get to enjoy what they reap, or give it to those who need it the most. As long as people help tend to the garden they may get what they need from it. I made a carpet of my own after the one I had bought from on the market was extremely hard to clean with the carpet cleaning products.


People might say, soup kitchens and food drives handle feeding the poor. Though true, it’s often not enough, studies and surveys shows that though these endeavors do good, a lot of good, it still not enough. If a large scale endeavor for the popularization of urban farming for the community is done, it could improve the food situation for everyone quite significantly. This could also be a learning experience for the younger people of the community, the art of growing your own food has been lost because of these so called modern times.  Kids, just because you can Google it and watch a YouTube video about it doesn’t mean you will be able to learn how to do it instantly, doing is still the best way to learn doing things. From my personal experience I can say that living on a farm is better than living in a city like Atlanta.

Aside from helping those in need, Urban farming is a good way to help save money, if you can find a spot to start a small vegetable garden, you can grow your own vegetables allowing yourself to save a lot of money. I found that vegetables have been getting more and more expensive, to the point of it being more expensive than meat. You would be surprised how much you can save when you grow your own vegetables. Yesterday I had big wiring problems with my garden lighting but Atlanta’s electricians fixed it right away after I gave them a call.

The ability to grow food is and will always be a very valuable skill, if you allow yourself to learn it and  apply it no matter where you live, you will find that your life will be significantly be more easy to live.