How Big is The Importance of Farming to a Civilization ?

Farming has been the main source of food for humanity since the beginning of civilization. It is essential that every generation is somehow taught the art, as it is observed that more and more people are leaving the farm and pursuing more popular industries, such as the internet industry. This will affect us long term as there will be less and less producers of food. This trend has happened in other countries in the past, such as japan, but recently younger people are returning to the rural areas. The skill of farming is slowly being lost l, and along with it our chances of surviving as a civilization… okay maybe that is a bit overboard, but it is quite problematic.


Civilization started because of farming, the need for humans to settle in one place and develop land and feed their people, these were the first settlements. If not for farming civilization as we know it would have not had existed. It is essential that our farmers be able to sustain the supply of food to the cities in order to keep our civilization stable, without it the lack of food will make it more than difficult to keep people from rioting in the streets because of high food prices and low supply. The farmers are the backbone of every nation, for it is its main way of sustaining itself. As a farmer you don’t expect to get into trouble, but one day I find myself need a service of a bail bondsman, my son called San Diego bail bondsman and they paid the bail for me.

Due to the lack of interest of young people, the agricultural industry has slowly lost its manpower, and fewer and fewer farms are operating. Thankfully enough, the lack of manpower is being filled by foreign immigrants, but who knows how long that will last since there has been news of new immigration laws being passed meant to deport those who have come into the country illegally, which most farm workers are. Another problem is the aging farmers, if they pass on without sharing their knowledge to the next generation, we will lose all that was learned in their lifetime.


Japan had a similar experience before, but now as the hassles and stress of city life no longer appeal to some of the newer generations, they return to rural areas to give farming a shot. Unfortunately, the lack of true understanding of its importance and the motivation that past generations possessed, many fail and return to their lives in the city. This is the danger many countries face, and much worse is, unlike Japan who has a long lived race, there might be little to no one left to teach the new generation in the art of horticulture and agriculture.

It is important that even now we should teach young people in school hands on farming, or at the very least the basics. Let it be a part of their curriculum as it is truly a necessary skill, not only for their own survival but for the survival of their nation, of our civilization. We now stand in the precipice of what started civilization, will we somehow evolve without the need of farming, or will we continue on honing the skills which started it all.