Farm Waste Turned Farm Treasure in New Jersey

farm cowIt is awesome to be farming in this age of technology here in New Jersey. There are a lot of options available to us to improve the way we do our business. Aside from state-of-the-art farming tools and good variety of seeds, we are now able to be socially responsible for our surplus and waste.

Today, let us set aside talking about how to make the plumpest of harvest and talk about our farm waste. I hope you will pick up some nifty tips if you have not heard or applied it yet in your own farm.

The closest to my heart is organic waste recycling. There are tons of organic waste, such as crop residues and animal waste that are generated from our farming activities. These materials considered as waste are actually raw materials to make organic compost from, so you can fertilize the land again. It is like getting free seeds to plant again!  For instance, your crop residues are good for compost or mulch material. The compost is now widely used for its ability to improve the soil quality and fertility. The animal waste can be turned to biogas or fertilizer.

If you do not have the time to do the recycling yourself, there are companies like cleaning Atlanta company that provide cost-effective recycling services for any organic waste material you have. They can process pre-consumer plant-derived waste and animal waste materials. These companies can take care of the collection and transfer of the waste and recycle it to produce quality compost. The compost is then sold to gardeners and landscapers. Think about the new beauties that will pop-up from the soil enriched by the waste from your farm.

Another issue we are facing is disposing of crops that do not look perfect enough for selling. We all have that off-sized fruit and vegetable that we cannot sell in the market. Really a big waste, I must say because the look does not decrease the nutritional value of the fresh produce and there are a lot of people that can still benefit from it.

Good thing, there are organizations that can help us farmers to put these cosmetically flawed fruits and vegetables to good cause. You can connect with local food recovery organizations to save these crops from the dumpsters.

And now for all other waste that we cannot recycle or donate, there is the good old dumpster. It is where everything else go. Maintaining that by ourselves is tedious. So why not find your official dumpster rental? There are a lot of good and efficient dumpster rental services here in New Jersey. The only problem is picking because they offer very competitive prices and efficient service starting from order to pick up. They have a wide variety of dumpster options to suit your requirement plus you also do not need to worry about hauling it away because scheduling a pick-up date is very easy. I have so much good things to say about this service but you can visit the official dumpster rentals NJ site to get a quote and advice.

I hope these handy tips help you find treasures in your farm dumpsters